...upcoming exhibition in Wroclaw: 'Stories of canvas weavers' by Marta Pokojowczyk

'Stories of canvas weavers'
CK Agora Wroclaw, Poland
opening 5th of March 2015 19 h
‘Stories of canvas weavers’ is a collection of tales written on the loom. Origin of this idea is settled between two disciplines: weaving and painting. The project brings out a main feature of any textile, a tangle - detail seen through a glass eye. 
Exhibited works are somehow a continuation of the project ‘the Way’ which I started three years ago. In my creation I am interested in the performative aspect of painting. While building a basis for painting interferences, I was unstitching and sewing together jute sacks. Now, instead of using ‘ready made’ textiles, I weave canvases in composed textures and colours.
Some textiles stay pure, some are interfernced by soil and pigment in powder. In others, colour is an integral part of the fabric because ‘colored’ threads were woven into the cloth while the weaving process.
This exhibition is dedicated to the project Hempweavers which is set up between Helena Loermans – a weaver and me – a painter and art historian. It has its origin in Helena Loermans ( Handwoven Textiles )atelier in Odemira, Portugal.